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Supplemental Life Insurance

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 Supplemental Life Insurance Information

The people you love and support could face financial challenges if you are no longer around. Life insurance provides your loved ones with money they can use for household expenses, tuition, mortgage payments, and more.

If you need more than Basic coverage that is provided by Bronson, you may purchase additional life insurance - called Supplemental Life insurance - for yourself, for a spouse, and/or for eligible children under age 26.

​You may elect coverage for your dependents without electing coverage for yourself, however, your spousal​ coverage amount can not exceed more than the combined amount of the employer-paid and supplemental for yourself.​

2024 Supplemental Life Insurance​​
This plan is facilitated by MetLife.​ Coverage maximums are listed below.

Supp Life chart 2024.png
  • The benefit amount for employee basic and supplemental life is reduced by 50% at age 70.
  • If Basic Life is greater than $50,000, you can cap your coverage at $50,000 to avoid imputed income tax. Email HRhelp@bronsonhg.org to request this
  • Child(ren) life insurance costs per pay period cover all of your eligible children under age 26.
  • Coverage amount for child(ren) age 15 days to six months: $500.​​

2024 Statement of Health Requirements "SOH"

Sometimes referred to as Evidence of Insurability "EOI"

  • During Open Enrollment for 2024: If you’re currently enrolled in the employee supplemental life insurance plan, you can increase up to 4x or $1,250,000 (combined basic and supplemental life) without EOI. If you are currently enrolled in 4x supplemental life, you can increase to 5x without completing EOI unless your combined basic and supplemental life is over $1,250,000.
  • After Open Enrollment for 2024: Anyone who elected at least 1x when first eligible can increase one increment without EOI. Late entrants will always need to complete EOI.

​You will receive information in your Bronson email regarding Statement of Health. Premiums will not begin until the higher coverage amount is approved by MetLife.​

Who Gets Your Money When You're Gone?

Be sure to list who receives your life insurance payout, called a beneficiary. A beneficiary can be any person or trust. If you do not identify a beneficiary, your life insurance amount will be paid out according to the plan provisions (usually going towards your estate). You may change beneficiary information at any time of the year in Workday. From the main menu, choose Benefits, then click Change Benefits.


Costs for supplemental life options are available when you enroll in Workday because they vary by age and coverage amount. You pay the full cost of supplemental coverage through after-tax payroll deductions.​

2024 Certificate of Coverage Voluntary Life Insurance  Exempt.pdf
2024 Certificate of Coverage Voluntary Life Insurance Non-exempt.pdf
5-minute video overview of voluntary life insurance and whether the coverage is right for you