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Non-FMLA Leave​

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 Non-FMLA Leave

When a medical leave of absence is not covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), employees can refer to Bronson's Non-FMLA Medical Leave policy. 

To request Non-FMLA Medical Leave, contact Sedgwick at 1-855-577-6803 or visit timeoff.sedgwick.com. Employees must complete a Request for Leave at least 30 days in advance of a foreseeable need. If it is impossible to give 30-day advanced notice, the employee must contact Sedgwick ​to request a leave of absence as soon as practicable. Medical verification of the need for the Non-FMLA Medical Leave will generally be required.

Pay During a Non-FMLA Leave

Although Non-FMLA leave is unpaid, employees may have access to pay through paid benefits such as PTO and/or short-term disability​ benefits. Employees are required to use their available PTO during an approved leave unless the employee is receiving short-term disability or worker’s compensation pay. This means that Non-FMLA leave will happen at the same time as any available paid benefits.​

Benefits Coverage During FMLA
Your benefits coverage will remain active while on an approved leave of absence. Benefit premiums (paycheck deductions) will be collected if you have PTO to use, disability payments, or any other earnings while on leave. If at any point you do not have earnings, such as a zero-dollar check, benefit premiums will be owed when you return to work, collected in installments.

Please review the Non-FMLA Documents tab and Links for more details and exclusions.​

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