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Non-FMLA Leave​

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 Non-FMLA Leave

When a medical leave of absence is not covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), employee's can refer to Bronson's Non-FMLA Medical Leave policy (D-101).

To request Non-FMLA Medical Leave, the employee will need to contact Sun Life Absence Management. If the employee is unable to contact Sun Life, they should contact HR Leave of Absence Team immediately for assistance. Employee must complete the Request for Leave at least 30 days in advances of a foreseeable need. If it is impossible to give 30-day advanced notice, the employee must contact Sun Life to request a leave of absence as soon as practicable. Medical verification of the need for the Non-FMLA Medical Leave will generally be required.

Review the non-FMLA Documents tab and Links for more details. ​​

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