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Short-term Disability​

 Short-term Disability Information

Employer-Provided Coverage

Upon employment, employees in an approved position of 48 hours or more per pay period are eligible for short-term disability. Disability benefits may provide a source of continuing income if you are unable to work because of non-work-related illness or injury. Enrollment is automatic for those eligible and paid for by Bronson. Disability payments provide coverage equal to 70% of your base pay​

The disability payments, if approved are 70% of your base wages.

Buy Up Option

If employees would like to receive 100% base wages on an approved disability leave, they must elect Short-Term Disability Buy-Up during an eligible benefit enrollment (new hire, annual Open Enrollment). The per paycheck cost for the additional 30% Buy-Up option depends on your base pay and will differ for each person.

Base pay is defined as your pre-disability rate of pay not including overtime, shift differentials, etc.​

Eligibility Period

Short-term disability has a two-week eligibility period, or waiting period, before payment begins. This eligibility period does not apply when the disability reason is the birth of a child. Benefits will begin on the date of the child's birth. Short-term disability payments will not last longer than 26 weeks. At that time, Sunlife will determine if Long Term Disability applies.

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