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​​​​​​​Prescription Coverage​

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 Prescription Coverage Information

Prescription coverage is a component of the Bronson medical plan you enroll in. You may fill medications:
1.) At a Bronson Outpatient Pharmacy
2.) At a retail pharmacy such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or Meijer, or
3.) Through Express Scripts mail service

Filling your prescriptions at a Bronson pharmacy will help your healthcare dollars go further. Copays at Bronson pharmacies are lower than copays at retail pharmacies.​​

Prescription How Prescriptions Work with Med Plan.png  

Specialty Medications

Some prescriptions are required to fill at a Bronson Outpatient Pharmacy to be covered by the Plan. Most often this applies to specialty medications. This helps keep costs down so that savings can be passed on to you. If you're not sure medication is required to fill at a B​ronson facility, please contact the Bronson Pharmacy department at 269-341-6990 or find your medication listed online: www.express-scripts.com/BronsonBenefits

Out-Of-Area Employees:
If a medication is required to fill at a Bronson Outpatient Pharmacy, medications can be mailed to you from Bronson. Bronson currently offers mail service to those who live in Michgian, Indiana, and Ohio. If you do not live in one of these states, contact HR at 269-341-6310 and an override can be placed on your account to get you your medication in the most efficient way.

Generic Prescription Drugs

If a medication is a preferred or non-preferred brand name drug and there is a generic equivalent is available, you will pay the difference in cost between the brand name drug and the generic in addition to the appropriate co-pay or deductible amount. This applies to any pharmacy that fills the medication.

Preferred Formulary Exclusions

Please review the Exclusions list on the Documents tab. If your medication is listed, it will not be covered by the Plan. In most cases, if you fill a prescription for one of these drugs, you will pay the full retail price. To avoid paying full price, talk to your doctor about prescribing one of the alternatives listed.

Prior Authorization

If your medication is listed on the Prior Authorization list, your provider will need to complete a Prior Authorization before the medication can be covered by the Plan. Direct your provider to contact Express Scripts. Prior Authorizations can be reviewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so a determination can be made right away.

Fertility Prescription Drugs​

Fertility drugs, or those that have an infertility diagnosis, are available for fill at a Bronson Outpatient Pharmacy only.

Prescription Copay Schedule.png

2024 Express Scripts Overview.pdf
2024 Express Scripts Registration, Home Delivery, and Brand Name Savings.pdf
2024 National Preferred Formulary.pdf
2024 Pricing a Medication on Express Scripts.pdf
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Benefits Prescription Drug Quantity Management Overview.pdf
Benefits Prescription Prior Authorization Overview.pdf
Benefits Prescription Step Therapy Overview.pdf
Flex Formulary Exclusions 7.1.2023.pdf
If your pharmacy is unable to process copay cards for Lily products, please follow this link for the reimbursement steps.

Includes Zepbound and other Lilly products. Receive reimbursement of your copay when the coupon/card cannot be used due to the Change Healthcare Outage.
Click here to see where Bronson's four pharmacies are located.
Additional prescription savings with a CleverRx card.
Prescription Coverage carrier.

Member ID cards (separate from your medical card) will be mailed about 3 weeks after enrolling in the plan. Need a new ID card? Contact Express Scripts.

*Reminder: some prescriptions require to fill at a Bronson pharmacy to be covered on the Bronson plan. Please contact the Bronson pharmacy department at 1-269-341-6990 to check if your medication falls in this category.
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