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Premium Discount Program

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 Premium Discount Program Information


The medical Premium Discount Program (PDP) makes medical benefits more affordable for eligible employees enrolled in Bronson medical coverage. The program does this by reducing the per paycheck contribution for medical coverage by 25% or 50%. Employees must be enrolled in one of Bronson's medical plans and meet the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) criteria listed below.


You can receive the Premium Discount if you demonstrate a need for the discount based on family size, family income, and Bronson base pay. Criteria are determined by the following:

1. Family size is based on the number of tax exemptions reported on your most recent tax form.

2. Annual family income is based on the adjusted gross income listed on your most recent federal income tax Form 1040.

3. Your current year base pay (at the time of your application) is less than the amount shown in the table below.

If you are married and your tax form indicates you and your spouse file taxes separately, you will need to submit tax forms for both individuals; the adjusted gross income from each form will be added together to determine PDP eligibility.

If approved or denied, the decision is final until the last Bronson pay date in April of the following plan year. If you amend your taxes after receiving a PDP decision, you may re-apply in the same plan year.

If you believe you qualify for this PDP program, complete an application (found on the Documents Tab), attach a copy of your most recent federal tax form, and submit it to HRhelp@bronsonhg.org. You will receive a decision within 48 business hours.​

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