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PTO - Job Change

 PTO - Job Change Information

Changing from PTO-eligible to PTM-eligible?

Employees in an approved position of 48 hours or more per pay period are eligible to accrue Paid Time Off - PTO. If you transfer to a position with less than 48 hours, such as PRN, your benefits and PTO accrual would end at midnight on the last day in your PTO-eligible role. This is automatic and you don't need to complete anything within Workday. 

If you have a PTO balance when you switch jobs, 40 hours of PTO will convert to Paid Time Medical - PTM (if it's available in your balance). Any remaining PTO balance after 40 hours is converted will be paid out to you at 50%, per our Paid Time Off Policy D-030, the pay period after your job change date. See the PTO Policy tab for other options regarding PTO.

Changing from PTM-eligible to PTO-eligible?

If you transfer to an approved position of 48 hours or more per pay period, you begin accruing PTO the job transfer effective date. Any remaining PTM from your previous role will be converted to PTO one pay period (2 weeks) after your job change effective date. This is automatic and requires no action from you. 

Please review the position's job description to determine the approved position hours and benefits eligibility when considering a job change.