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​​​​​​​Medical Coverage​​

 Medical Coverage Information

Eligible employees choose from two medical plan options - a traditional PPO plan or a High Deductible health plan (HDHP) - administered by Automated Benefits Services (ABS). These medical plan options support Bronson’s goals of fostering a culture of wellness, reducing healthcare expenses, and having you take an active role in personal health management. Read through the items on the Documents tab to understand the difference between these plans.​

Need help choosing?

Both are great plans. Use ALEX, our interactive, online benefits counselor, to help you decide which is right for you! Visit ALEX here

No matter the medical plan you select, there are no restrictions on the choice of providers. However, members who visit a Bronson provider or Bronson facility will receive the most cost savings. If you are unable to find a Bronson provider for a medical service, utilize the Blue Cross Blue Shield network​ for network discounts and savings. If your Bronson provider refers you to another provider for a service, check before your appointment to understand if they participate in the Bronson network, Blue Cross Blue Shield, or if it will be 'out of network.'

Medical Provider Network Information.png  

Medicare Coordination

You and your spouse may be enrolled in a Bronson medical plan, regardless of age, for as long as you are eligible for medical benefits at Bronson. This may impact your decision to enroll in Medicare beginning at age 65.

Have you enrolled in Medicare?

Please notify HR Benefits so Medicare coverage can be coordinated with your Bronson medical coverage. Additionally, if you are enrolled in Bronson's High Deductible health plan (HDHP), you may not contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA) while enrolled in any parts of Medicare, per the IRS. You may use funds in an existing or prior HSA, but you cannot contribute funds from your paycheck into an HSA while enrolled in Medicare, which also excludes you from the quarterly HSA employer contribution that Bronson provides.

Bronson benefits staff are not able to speak to Medicare coverage and offer the following resources as a place to start with questions near your 65th birthday:

2023 Benefits at a Glance Exempt.pdf
2023 Benefits at a Glance Management.pdf
2023 Benefits at a Glance Nonexempt Rehire.pdf
2023 Benefits at a Glance Nonexempt.pdf
2023 Benefits at Glance Providers.pdf
2023 Coordination of Benefits Form.pdf
2023 HDHP vs PPO.pdf
2023 How to Access Care When You Need It.pdf
2023 Medical Schedule of Benefits HDHP Travel Nurse Plan.pdf
2023 Medical Schedule of Benefits HDHP.pdf
2023 Medical Schedule of Benefits PPO.pdf
2023 Medical Schedule of Benefits Retiree.pdf
2023 Retiree Benefit Summaries Trifold.pdf
2023 Summary of Benefits Coverage HDHP.pdf
2023 Summary of Benefits Coverage PPO.pdf
2023 Summary of Benefits Coverage Retiree.pdf
2023 Summary of Benefits Coverage Travel Nurse.pdf
2024 - Benefit Summaries.pdf
2024 - Benefits Guide.pdf
2024 - Open Enrollment Newsletter.pdf
2024 - What's New_What's Changing.pdf
2024 Bronson Retiree Trifold.pdf
2024 UMR FAQ.pdf
2024 UMR Welcome Letter.pdf
Active Benefit Summaries Trifold 2023.pdf
How to Access the ABS Member Portal.pdf
Medical Plan Tier Structure.pdf
View your Explanation of Benefits, find an in-network provider, and monitor claims by logging on to the member portal.
Find an in-network provider and monitor your Tier 2 claims on this portal.
Use this link to find a provider in the Tier 1 Bronson network.
MRF File for Bronson's Tier 1 Network. You will need to use the Notes app to open.
This is the MRF Link for Blue Cross Blue Shield, or Tier 2 coverage. You will need to use the Notes app to open.
View this short video from ALEX to learn how to save on healthcare costs.
Understand your options for seeking medical care.