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Long-term Disability

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 Long-term Disability Information

2024 Coverage
Long-term disability is administered by Metlife. ​
 Disability coverage chart 2024.png

Employer-Provided Coverage

Employees in an approved position of 48 hours or more per pay period are eligible for long-term disability. Disability benefits may provide a source of continuing income if you are unable to work because of non-work-related illness or injury. Enrollment is automatic for those eligible and paid for by Bronson. Long-term disability payments provide coverage equal to 60% of your base pay​, but will not exceed $14,000 per month.

Eligibility Period

Long-term disability has a 180-day eligibility period, or waiting period, before payment begins. Short-term disability must be exhausted before long-term disability payments begin. Sunlife will determine if Long Term Disability applies.

2023 Coverage

STD Non exempt Coverage.png  

STD Exempt Coverage.png

Review the Documents tab and Links for more information.

2024 Bronson LTD Booklet.pptx
2024 Certificate of Coverage LTD Exempt.pdf
2024 Certificate of Coverage LTD Non-exempt.pdf
Long Term Disability Plan Summary 2024.pdf
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