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Leave of Absence​​​

​There may be times in which you have a need for time away from scheduled work. Bronson has several policies outlining the process and approval for a Leave of Absence (LOA).

Beginning September 1, Bronson will use Sedgwick for all Short-Term Disability, Leave of Absence, and Non-FMLA/ADA accommodations.

If you began disability payments before September 1, please continue to contact Sun Life at 1-800-247-6875.​

Time Away: Who To Contact​

If you have a need for time away for the reasons below, your first step is to contact Sedgwick at 1-855-577-6803 or visit timeoff.sedgwick.com​​

  • Medical Leave, including FMLA - personal injury, work-related injury, or to care for a family member
  • Parental Leave - birth or adoption for all parents
  • Military Service Leave
  • Short-Term Disability Pay - personal injury or illness
  • Non-FMLA/ADA Accommodations - at-work accommodations not associated with a leave

If your time away from work is regarding the reasons in the list below, contact your supervisor.
  • Court Appearance - jury duty or subpoena to appear
  • Funeral Leave - commonly referred to as Bereavement
  • Educational Leave
  • Personal Leave
Employees not reporting to work within three (3) calendar days after the expiration of their leave shall be considered voluntary resignations and shall be terminated.

What Happens To My Benefits On Leave?

Employees will retain all fringe benefits and credited service accrued during their period of employment immediately preceding the leave. ​

Your benefits coverage will remain active while on an approved leave of absence. Benefit premiums (paycheck deductions) will be collected if you have PTO to use, disability payments, or any other earnings while on leave. If at any point you do not have earnings (Ex: a zero-dollar check), benefit deductions will be owed when you return to work, collected in installments. ​​

2024 Sedgwick FAQ.pdf
Bronson Leave of Absence Detailed Flyer.pdf
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