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In Need of Convenient, Reliable Back-Up Childcare?

Bronson has partnered with the YWCA of Kalamazoo to offer emergent, back-up childcare services for all Bronson employees at a discount. This childcare service is provided by the Dreamery at Edison, located at 1101 Portage Street. The Dreamery is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If interested, complete this packet and email it to fdedison@ywcakalamazoo.org or drop it off at the Dreamery.
A coupon code will be provided via email from the Bronson Human Resources team after you pre-register. You must enter the coupon code when scheduling to get the discounted rates. If you need to request a new discount code, please email HRhelp@bronsonhg.org

Need help finding regular childcare?

Childcare Resources of Southwest Michigan can help. Visit ccr4kids.org to learn more.

Alternatively, you may contact Mya Schulz at mschulz@ccr4kids.org or (269) 349-3296, ext. 227​

If you need help paying for regular, long-term childcare, consider Tri-Share

Bronson partners with Southwest Michigan Childcare Resources to reduce your childcare costs by up to 66%. This program, if eligible, splits the cost of your childcare between you, Bronson, and the Tri-Share grant program.

All Bronson employees, at any location, are eligible to apply.

Any childcare facility inside the state of Michigan applies.

Convenient payroll deduction, if eligible.

Review your eligibility on the Benefits page here.

Thank you for your interest in Tri-Share.

Unfortunately, at this time, the program is not able to accept any new applications.

We hope to open the application process again in the near future. ​

TriShare Childcare Program 2023.pdf
TriShare FAQ.pdf
If you need help paying for regular, long-term childcare, consider Tri-Share.                                                       

**Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting NEW applications for the Tri-Share program in 2023. If you are currently enrolled, please reach out to your Tri-Share point person for follow up.
Bronson has partnered with the YWCA of Kalamazoo to offer emergent, back-up childcare services for all Bronson employees.